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Outlaw Tour Information

Meeting Place 

All Public Tours

Center of town at the Getting Outdoors sign

10066 Marshall Hwy, Bradshaw, WV 24817

SXS Rentals 

CoalTown Camping and

Recreation Center

451 McDowell Street,

Welch, West Virginia 24801

(304) 922-6894

Tell Cody that you are riding with us and get a 10% discount.

Ask them about their campsites as well.

Gas and Food 


Visit the gas station in town to fill your tank.

There will be opportunities along the ride to

re-fuel and get snacks.

Please pack your lunch, we normally eat

lunch on the trail. Depending upon the trip,

there may be lunch stops along the way. 



Trail Passes

Hatfield McCoy passes are not

needed for tours leaving out of

Bradshaw WV, unless you

are taking the Pineville horses

and Davy tunnel tour

Hatfield McCoy passes are needed

if your tour is leaving out of

Welch or War WV.


Spearhead passes will be needed if

you have requested a private tour on Jawbone in Va. 


Helmets are required when we are on the hardtop.


Use of two-way GMRS radios are suggested. They are available for purchase on our

website, let us know and we can bring them

the day of the tour. 

Navigation Tablets can be available for

purchase the day of the tour as well.

Alternate Meeting places

available for private tours only


CoalTown Camping and

Recreation Center

451 McDowell Street,

Welch, West Virginia 24801

(304) 922-6894


Warrior Trailhead 

84 Silcox Ln

War, WV 24892

Contact us to setup alternate meeting

locations, for private tours only. 

Adventure Awaits You On the Outlaw Trails

From the majestic ridge tops, to the hollers and creek bottoms in WV and VA, Lets explore our abandoned coal mines, play in the mud at the old ball field, visit the Indian burial ground, ride over abandoned strip mines, take a spin on the popular figure 8, check out the view with the flag at high rocks in War, take a ride thru clear fork to see Wilmore Dam, ride to see the Davy tunnel, see the Pineville horses, along with the coal mine waste pond, and rescue mine shaft.

In addition to hundreds of miles of area Outlaw Trails, we can also access the Spearhead Jawbone Trails in VA and Hatfield McCoy Trails in War and Welch WV.

We want you to experience the great outdoors, as our tours are designed to keep you in the woods on the trails, with very minimal hardtop riding.

When setting up your tour with us, we will work with you to determine what areas and difficulty levels would best be suited for your group, to provide a more personalized experience, that other group tours may not offer you. We feel it is not just about the destination but also what you see along the way.​

My family has been running these hollers and hills for generations, come along with us as we share a land where time stands still, and our coal mining culture that most has forgotten.

Contact us today to plan your next Outlaw Trail Adventure.

Tours start at 10:00 a.m. and runs until approx. 6pm,

depending upon the weather, trail conditions, and routes taken. 

Please arrive 30 minutes early to fill out your waiver forms. 

If you are running late, we will wait for 10 minutes on you and then depart for the tour. 

This is a family friendly tour, for your safety and respect for others, 

We will be meeting at the address below for the tours, unless prior arrangements have been made for private tours.

Our meeting place is located at

10066 Marshall Hwy, Bradshaw, WV 24817

See alternate meeting places above that can be scheduled.

There is parking for trailers and SXS at the Getting Outdoors sign in the center of town.

Public tours are for SXS, ATV, and Dirt Bikes

Private tours can be setup for SXS, ATV, Dirt Bikes, or Jeeps






Click here to order our Outlaw Trail t-shirts

If you let us know what size t-shirts you need,

we can bring them to you the day of the tour

2024 dates are as follows:

3-23-24 Public tour spots available (This tour requires HMT passes)

4-06-24 Private tour booked 

4-07-24 Private tour booked 

4-27-24 Private tour booked

5-03-24 Private tour booked

5-04-24 Private tour Booked

5-25-24 Public tour booked 

6-08-24 Private tour booked 

7-06-24 Public tour spots available Pineville Horses Tour

 (This tour requires HMT passes)
9-21-24 Private tour booked
10-19-24 Public tour spots available Coal Mine and Fall Color Tour 
11-23-24 Private tour booked

We also offer multiple day tours upon special request


Please contact us for requests for dates not shown as available so we can try to accommodate your trip.

Tour Booking Page

If you need help in arranging lodging we can help with that too.

Lodging Page

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